PlusFour Seasons Of Special Needs Sports Programming

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Late Winter Tennis, Spring Baseball, Fall Basketball & Football & Winter Indoor Soccer.

The BYS Plus Program offers Special Needs children, ages 5-15, a safe and appropriately competitive program to learn and enjoy team sports. The activities focus on athletic development skills while stressing the proper behaviors required for optimal group cooperation.

  • backyard sports plus soccer

    Staffed by outstanding teacher/coaches and high school peer mentors

  • 1:1 teaching ratio

  • Professionally designed curriculum

  • Program builds skills, confidence, self esteem, and a lifetime devotion to sports and fitness

  • All programs held at SUNY Purchase

  • Custom programs for Recreation Departments, Community Centers and on site afterschool programs

  • Baseball Praised by parents and professionals as one of Westchester’s leading Special Needs Sport Programs

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What Parents Are Saying!

“I like that Backyard Sports builds on the basics and each week is a new program. It’s not just kicking or hitting balls, but getting taught athletic skills. Dillon needs repetition and he gets that here. He’s learning.” - Barbara Roppollo

backyard sports plus soccer2“My son Jake has participated in all of the Backyard Sports Plus programs. He has never been able to previously function in other sports environments. Here he looks forward to coming and walks away feeling successful. He’s proud to tell his friends that he plays on a basketball team. I am happy to see him proud.” - Sara Cremins

“My son does not like change or new people and places. But after 30 minutes of Backyard Sports Plus, Ethan was laughing and having fun. The wonderful staff consists of adult coaches and volunteers of various ages. I actually cried I was so happy that this was the only time that Ethan joined a large group.” - Louisa Johnson

Thank you for your excellent program, your responsiveness, your warmth. Our son, David, will succeed in life because of programs like yours.” - Audrey and Bruce Nathanson